T54 B 35/40 G OL

Also available in bulk packaging : 02035-00-022 -> PU 100 pcs


  • Raw Material Steel galvanized - transparent chromated
  • Gasket Rubber gasket G31, Petrol- and dieselresistant
  • Tightness Positive pressure to 0,3 bar
  • Comment also useable as an oil cap, spring housing B35, cap B40
  • Ventilation without Ventilation
  • Nominal dimension 35 mm
  • Locking not lockable
  • Type Bayonet
alternative useable for
Alfa Romeo: 60503297, 60507151, 60510047, 60510233, 60609158, 60611400, 7755442; Audi: 71753242, 803201551C; Fiat: 4293703; Mazda: 0118-42-430, 1402-42-430, 8871-42-250B, 90141099, 90141101, 90188216, B33S-42-250, B625-42-250, B635-42-250, BF67-42-250, BJ3D-42-250C, BJ3E-42-250, F044-42-250, F044-42-250A, FC01-42-250, G030-42-250, G082-42-250, G545-42-250, G545-42-250A, GC76-42-250, H260-42-250, S083-42-250, SA63-42-250, UB72-42-250, UB72-42-250A, UB73-42-250; VW: 803201551C, J7731035080
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useable for
Alfa Romeo145145 (930)
Alfa Romeo155155 (167)
Alfa Romeo164164 (164)
Alfa Romeo3333 (905)
Alfa Romeo3333 (907A)
Alfa Romeo7575 (162B)
Alfa RomeoAlfettaALFETTA (116)
Alfa RomeoSpiderSPIDER (115)
HyundaiLantraLANTRA II (J-2)
HyundaiLantraLANTRA II Wagon (J-2)
LadaFortunaFORTUNA (___)
LadaNivaNIVA (2121)
LadaNovaNOVA (2105)
LadaNovaNOVA Station wagon (2104)
LadaSamaraSAMARA (2108)
MitsubishiCarismaCARISMA Sedan (DA_)
MitsubishiColtCOLT V (CJ_A)
MitsubishiCordiaCORDIA (A21_A, AB)
MitsubishiEclipseECLIPSE I (D2_A)
MitsubishiEclipseECLIPSE II (D3_)
MitsubishiGalantGALANT III (E1_A)
MitsubishiGalantGALANT IV (E3_A)
MitsubishiGalantGALANT IV Sedan (E3_A)
MitsubishiGalantGALANT V (E5_A, E7_A, E8_A)
MitsubishiGalantGALANT V Sedan (E5_A, E7_A, E8_A)
MitsubishiL 200 
MitsubishiL 300L 300 (L03_P/G, L0_2P)
MitsubishiL 300L 300 Full size van (L03_P)
MitsubishiLancerLANCER F II (A17_)
MitsubishiLancerLANCER I (A17_)
MitsubishiLancerLANCER III (C1_A, C6_A)
MitsubishiLancerLANCER III Station Wagon (C1_V, C3_V)
MitsubishiLancerLANCER IV Sedan (C6_A)
MitsubishiPajeroPAJERO I (L04_G, L14_G)
MitsubishiPajeroPAJERO I CavanasTop (L04_G)
MitsubishiPajeroPAJERO II (V2_W, V4_W)
MitsubishiPajeroPAJERO II Canvas Top (V2_W, V4_W)
MitsubishiSigmaSIGMA (F16A)
MitsubishiSigmaSIGMA Station Wagon (F07W)
MitsubishiSpace RunnerSPACE RUNNER (N1_W, N2_W)
MitsubishiSpace WagonSPACE WAGON (D0_V/W)
MitsubishiSpace WagonSPACE WAGON (N3_W, N4_W)
MitsubishiSpace WagonSPACE WAGON (N5_W)
MitsubishiStarionSTARION (A18_A)
MitsubishiTrediaTREDIA (A21_)
Peugeot205205 Full size van
Peugeot305305 I (581M)
Peugeot305305 I Break (581D)
Peugeot505505 (551A)
PeugeotJ5J5 Flat bed truck (280L)
PeugeotJ5J5 Flat bed truck (290L)
PeugeotJ5J5 Full size van (280L)
PeugeotJ5J5 Full size van (290L)
PeugeotJ5J5 Minibus (280P)
PeugeotJ5J5 Minibus (290P)
PeugeotJ7J7 Flat bed truck
PeugeotJ7J7 Full size van
PeugeotJ7J7 Minibus
PeugeotJ9J9 Flat bed truck
PeugeotJ9J9 Full size van
PeugeotJ9J9 Minibus
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