T23 BK 40 G oL GD

Also available in bulk packaging : 02040-00-078 -> PU 100 pcs


  • Tightness Positive pressure to min. 0,2 bar
  • Raw Material Plastics - PA 6.6 30% GF, black
  • Gasket Viton - Gasket
  • Ventilation without Ventilation
  • Nominal dimension 40 mm
  • Locking not lockable
  • Type Bayonet
alternative useable for
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useable for
FordGranadaGRANADA (GU)
FordGranadaGRANADA Station wagon (GNU)
Renault1111 (B/C37_)
Renault1818 (134_)
Renault2020 (127_)
Renault2121 (B48_)
Renault2121 Hatchback (L48_)
Renault2121 Sedan (L48_)
Renault2121 Station wagon (K48_)
Renault2525 (B29_)
Renault3030 (127_)
Renault44 (112_)
Renault44 Full size van (R21_, R23_)
Renault55 (____)
Renault55 (122_)
Renault55 Mini van (238_)
Renault99 (L42_)
RenaultClioCLIO I (B/C57_, 5/357_)
RenaultEspaceESPACE I (J11_)
RenaultEspaceESPACE II (J/S63_)
RenaultFuegoFUEGO (136_)
RenaultMasterMASTER I Flat bed truck (P____)
RenaultMasterMASTER I Full size van (T____)
RenaultMasterMASTER I Minibus (T____)
RenaultRodeoRODEO 4
RenaultRodeoRODEO 5
RenaultRodeoRODEO 6
RenaultSafraneSAFRANE I (B54_)
RenaultTraficTRAFIC Flat bed truck (P6___)
RenaultTraficTRAFIC Flat bed truck (PXX)
RenaultTraficTRAFIC Full size van (T1, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7)
RenaultTraficTRAFIC Full size van (TXX)
RenaultTraficTRAFIC II Flat bed truck (EL)
RenaultTraficTRAFIC Mini bus (TXW)
RenaultTwingoTWINGO (C06_)
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