T92 GV 45 A G F VT

Also available in bulk packaging : 12045-00-023 -> PU 1000 pcs


  • Raw Material Plastics - PA 6.6 30% GF, black
  • Tightness Positive pressure 0,15 to 0,25 bar
  • Gasket Rubber gasket GF002, Petrnv- and dieselresistant
  • Comment with lock
  • Negative pressure
  • Nominal dimension 45 mm
  • Type Outer thread
alternative useable for
Alfa Romeo: 46746613, 60575668; Fiat: 46515001, 46745649; Ford: 1213333, 1953090, 4109784, 7145585, 7243549; Honda: 17670-SM1-A03; Kia: 310103A901, 310104F100; Lada: 21080-1103010-11; Land Rover: LR032977, LR75664, WLD100730, WLD500200; Mercedes-Benz: A1634710030; Opel: 91155711, 9117534, 93179273, 93179274, 93179275, 93182704, 93182706, 93189942; SAAB: 4397048, 4727038, 5336052, 5336060; Skoda: 107201551FG; Volvo: 1129133, 1394835, 283954, 9142606
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useable for
Alfa RomeoGTVGTV (916C_)
ChryslerNeonNEON II
DaewooKorandoKORANDO (KJ)
DaewooKorandoKORANDO Cabriolet (KJ)
DaewooMatizMATIZ (KLYA)
DaewooMussoMUSSO (FJ)
DaewooRezzoREZZO (KLAU)
DaihatsuApplauseAPPLAUSE I (A101, A111)
DaihatsuCuoreCUORE VI (L7_)
DaihatsuSirionSIRION (M1)
DaihatsuSirionSIRION (M3_)
DaihatsuTeriosTERIOS (J1)
DaihatsuTeriosTERIOS (J2_)
FiatBarchettaBARCHETTA (183)
FiatPalioPALIO Weekend (178BX)
FordMondeoMONDEO I (GBP)
FordMondeoMONDEO I Sedan (GBP)
FordMondeoMONDEO I Station wagon (BNP)
FordMondeoMONDEO II Sedan (BFP)
FordMondeoMONDEO II Station wagon (BNP)
FordMondeoMONDEO III (B5Y)
FordMondeoMONDEO III Sedan (B4Y)
FordMondeoMONDEO III Station wagon (BWY)
FordScorpioSCORPIO ll (GFR, GGR)
FordScorpioSCORPIO ll Station wagon (GNR, GGR)
HondaShuttleSHUTTLE (RA)
HyundaiAccentACCENT (LC)
HyundaiAccentACCENT Sedan (LC)
HyundaiAtosATOS (MX)
HyundaiAtosATOS Prime (MX)
HyundaiLantraLANTRA II (J-2)
HyundaiLantraLANTRA II Wagon (J-2)
HyundaiSanta FeSANTA FE (SM)
HyundaiStarexSTAREX (H1)
HyundaiTrajetTRAJET (FO)
HyundaiXGXG (XG)
KiaCee'dCEE`D Hatchback (ED)
KiaCee'dCEE`D Station wagon (ED)
KiaPregioPREGIO Full size van (TB)
KiaPridePRIDE (DA)
KiaPridePRIDE Station wagon
KiaPro Cee'dPRO CEE`D (ED)
LanciaKappaKAPPA (838A)
LanciaKappaKAPPA Coupe (838)
LanciaKappaKAPPA SW (838B)
Land RoverDefenderDEFENDER (LD)
Land RoverDefenderDEFENDER Station Wagon (LD)
Land RoverRange RoverRANGE ROVER III (LM)
MazdaB 2500 
Mercedes-BenzM-ClassM-CLASS (W163)
Mercedes-BenzM-ClassM-CLASS (W164)
MitsubishiCarismaCARISMA (DA_)
MitsubishiEclipseECLIPSE II (D3_)
MitsubishiPajeroPAJERO II (V2_W, V4_W)
MitsubishiPajeroPAJERO II Canvas Top (V2_W, V4_W)
NissanAlmeraALMERA I (N15)
NissanAlmeraALMERA I Hatchback (N15)
NissanAlmeraALMERA II (N16)
NissanAlmeraALMERA II Hatchback (N16)
NissanAlmeraALMERA TINO (V10)
NissanMicraMICRA C+C (K12)
NissanMicraMICRA I (K10)
NissanMicraMICRA II (K11)
NissanMicraMICRA III (K12)
NissanNavaraNAVARA (D22)
NissanPathfinderPATHFINDER (R50)
NissanPathfinderPATHFINDER (R51)
NissanPatrolPATROL GR II (Y61)
NissanPrimeraPRIMERA (P10)
NissanPrimeraPRIMERA (P11)
NissanPrimeraPRIMERA (P12)
NissanPrimeraPRIMERA Hatchback (P10)
NissanPrimeraPRIMERA Hatchback (P11)
NissanPrimeraPRIMERA Hatchback (P12)
NissanPrimeraPRIMERA Traveller (WP11)
NissanSunnySUNNY II (N13)
NissanSunnySUNNY II Coupe (B12)
NissanSunnySUNNY II Hatchback (N13)
NissanSunnySUNNY II Traveller (B12)
NissanSunnySUNNY III (N14)
NissanSunnySUNNY III Hatchback (N14)
NissanSunnySUNNY III Liftback (N14)
NissanTerranoTERRANO I (WD21)
NissanTerranoTERRANO II (R20)
NissanX-TrailX-TRAIL (T30)
OpelCorsaCORSA C (F08, F68)
OpelCorsaCORSA C Van (F08, W5L)
OpelCorsaCORSA D
Rover400er-Serie400 (RT)
Rover400er-Serie400 Hatchback (RT)
Rover400er-Serie400 Tourer (XW)
SAAB9-39-3 (YS3D)
SAAB9-39-3 Cabriolet (YS3D)
SAAB9-59-5 (YS3E)
SAAB9-59-5 Station wagon (YS3E)
SkodaFabiaFABIA (6Y2)
SkodaFabiaFABIA Station wagon
SkodaOctaviaOCTAVIA (1U2)
SmartFortwo Cabriolet 
SmartFortwo Coupe 
SsangyongActyonACTYON Sports Pick-up
SsangyongMussoMUSSO Sports
SsangyongRextonREXTON (GAB_)
SubaruJustyJUSTY I (KAD)
SubaruJustyJUSTY II (JMA, MS)
SubaruJustyJUSTY III (G3X)
SubaruJustyJUSTY IV
SuzukiSX4SX4 Sedan (GY)
ToyotaAvensisAVENSIS (_T22_)
ToyotaAvensisAVENSIS Liftback (_T22_)
ToyotaAvensisAVENSIS Station wagon (_T22_)
ToyotaCarinaCARINA E (_T19_)
ToyotaCarinaCARINA E Sedan (_T19_)
ToyotaCarinaCARINA E Sportswagon (_T19_)
ToyotaCarinaCARINA II (_T15_)
ToyotaCarinaCARINA II (_T17_)
ToyotaCarinaCARINA II Sedan (_T15_)
ToyotaCarinaCARINA II Sedan (_T17_)
ToyotaCarinaCARINA II Station wagon (_T17_)
ToyotaCelicaCELICA (ZZT23_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA (_E10_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA (_E11_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA (_E9_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA Compact (_E10_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA Compact (_E11_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA Compact (_E9_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA Liftback (_E10_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA Liftback (_E11_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA Liftback (_E9_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA Station Wagon (_E9_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA Wagon (_E10_)
ToyotaCorollaCOROLLA Wagon (_E11_)
ToyotaHiaceHIACE III Full size van (H50)
ToyotaHiaceHIACE III Wagon (H50)
ToyotaHiaceHIACE IV Full size van
ToyotaHiaceHIACE IV Wagon
ToyotaHiaceHIACE V Full size van
ToyotaHiaceHIACE V Wagon
ToyotaMR2MR2 III (_W3_)
ToyotaPicnicPICNIC (_XM10)
ToyotaPreviaPREVIA (ACR3_)
ToyotaPriusPRIUS Sedan (NHW11_)
ToyotaRAV4RAV4 I (SXA1_)
ToyotaRAV4RAV4 I Cabriolet (SXA1_)
ToyotaRAV4RAV4 II (XA2)
ToyotaStarletSTARLET (_P7_)
ToyotaStarletSTARLET (_P8_)
ToyotaStarletSTARLET (EP91)
ToyotaYarisYARIS (_CP10)
Volvo240240 (P242, P244)
Volvo240240 Station wagon (P245)
Volvo260260 (P262, P264)
Volvo260260 Coupe (P262)
Volvo260260 Kombi (P265)
Volvo340-360340-360 (343, 345)
Volvo340-360340-360 Sedan (344)
Volvo440440 K (445)
Volvo460460 L (464)
Volvo480480 E
Volvo740740 (744)
Volvo740740 Station wagon (745)
Volvo760760 (704, 764)
Volvo760760 (704,764)
Volvo760760 Station wagon (704, 765)
Volvo850850 (854)
Volvo850850 Station wagon (855)
Volvo940940 (944)
Volvo940940 Station wagon (945)
VolvoC70C70 I Coupe
VolvoS40S40 I (VS)
VolvoS70S70 (P80_)
VolvoS80S80 (TS, XY)
VolvoV40V40 Station wagon (VW)
VolvoV70V70 I Station wagon (P80_)
VolvoV90V90 Station wagon
VolvoXC70XC70 II
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