T109 BK 40 A oL Benzin Citroen

Also available in bulk packaging : 20040-00-6005 -> PU 100 pcs


  • Type Bayonet
  • Ventilation without Ventilation
  • Nominal dimension 40 mm
  • Locking lockable
  • Tightness Positive pressure to 0,1 bar
  • Comment with lock
  • Material Plastics
  • Gasket Rubber gasket Petrolresistant
alternative useable for
Valeo: 247606
useable for
CitroenC2C2 (JM_)Gasoline
CitroenC3C3 (FC_)Gasoline
CitroenC3C3 PicassoGasoline
CitroenC3C3 Pluriel (HB_)Gasoline
CitroenC4C4 (LC_)Gasoline
CitroenC4C4 Coupe (LA_)Gasoline
CitroenC4C4 Grand Picasso (UA_)Gasoline
CitroenC4C4 Picasso (UD_)Gasoline
CitroenC8C8 (EA_, EB_)Gasoline
FiatUlysseULYSSE (179AX)Gasoline
LanciaPhedraPHEDRA (179)Gasoline
Peugeot307307 (3A/C)Gasoline2001/06 -
Peugeot307307 Break (3E)Gasoline2001/06 -
Peugeot807807 (E)Gasoline
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