T108 BK 40 A oL Renault

Also available in bulk packaging : 20040-00-6004 -> PU 100 pcs


  • Type Bayonet
  • Ventilation without Ventilation
  • Nominal dimension 40 mm
  • Locking lockable
  • Tightness Positive pressure to 0,1 bar
  • Comment with lock
  • Material Plastics
  • Gasket Rubber gasket
alternative useable for
Opel: 93179275, 93182706; Renault: 7701404048
useable for
OpelMovanoMOVANO Dump truck (H9)
OpelMovanoMOVANO Full size van (F9)
RenaultClioCLIO I (B/C57_, 5/357_)1996/05 - 1998/09
RenaultEspaceESPACE III (JE0_)1998/02 - 2002/10
RenaultLagunaLAGUNA (B56_, 556)1999/01 -
RenaultLagunaLAGUNA Grandtour (K56_)1999/01 -
RenaultMasterMASTER II Flat bed truck (ED/HD/UD)
RenaultMasterMASTER II Full size van (FD)
RenaultMasterMASTER II Minibus (JD/ND)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE Grandtour I (KA0/1_)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE I (BAO/1_)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE I Cabriolet (EA0/1_)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE I Classic (LA0/1_)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE I Coach (DA0/1_)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE II (BM0/1_, CM0/1_)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE II Coupe-Cabriolet (EM0/1_)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE II Sedan (LM0/1_)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE II Station wagon (KM0/1_)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE III Coupe (DZ)
RenaultMeganeMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0_)
RenaultModusMODUS (F/JP0_)
RenaultScenicSCENIC II (JM0/1_)
RenaultTwingoTWINGO (C06_)
RenaultTwingoTWINGO (CN0_)
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