Blau Aftermarket

Blau Aftermarket is part of Service Technologies GmbH & Co OG realizing a direct Know How exchange of the R&D from the manufacturing plant.

As a manufacturer, BLAU supplies from locations Austria and Germany to vehicle manufacturers worldwide.


In order to guarantee precise fitting as well as extreme durabilityfor caps of fuel tanks, oil tanks and radiators, profound experience, highest technical precision and the willingness to co-operate with car manufacturers internationally are a necessity.The innovation that is a trademark of all BLAU products is the result of 75 years of experience combined with intensive research
and development work.

Our fuel filler caps fit extremely well - due to our innovative method of combining various kinds of metals and plastics. This prevents unnecessary evaporation of fuel and moreover plays an important role in the contribution to saving fuel as well our nature/environment. Durability is another significant aspect that adds to the top quality of our caps. 


Innovative manufacturing processes combined with new technologies and applied in European plants allow us to offer premium quality for tank and air pressure systems.

Continual research and development activities are the  basis of new products and processes. As an example, the only laser welded and powder coated air tank worldwide that clearly expresses our innovation.

Well-developed manufacturing equipment and process-oriented organization are the basis for a reliable business relationship. At 25,000 square meters at Schwäbisch Gmünd, a perfect infrastructure was created to accomplish innovative development services and a highly technical production as well as logistical processes on the highest level.

The production facility in Potsdam is an extension of our portfolios of competences in the manufacturing of container and is from a logistical point of view practical as well. The unique fully automated plant manufactures compressed air tanks by using a specially developed laser welding and powder coating process.

90 per cent of our parts are OEM business (original equipment manufacture) - which gives us the advantage of permanent know-how-transfer between our R&D department (of state-of-the-art technology) in the car industry world-wide.

BLAU trade is internationally appreciated for its flexibility, reliability, accurate delivery terms and its service. We believe that a modern business/management/company is not only determined by the quality of its products, but also by its managerial culture that is the result of commitment and sense of responsibility of each single employee. 

Use our expertise to your advantage and to the benefit
of your customer.